$500 in CASH PRIZES!

Singing Contest

3731 E. Main St.
Mesa. AZ 85205

1st Place Wins $400  
2nd Place Wins $100

Update for Monday, October 10:

The following contestants will be back again to sing in the Finals on October 17: 

(in no particular order)

John Solis 
Fara Gibson 
Amie Lee 
Rusty Wolford
Emily Hopkins
Heather Minnick

Open Auditions are Mondays- August 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 9:00

Competition begins September 12. 

Finals will be on October 17.

Contest begins at 9:00 pm.

Karaoke will begin at 8:00 and resume after the contest.

Contestants sign up between 7:30pm and 8:30pm the day of.

Each week of auditions  competitors will be chosen based on scoring to move on.                             

When the competition begins there will be 16 competitors.  The 16 competitors will be expected to check in between 7:30pm and 8:30pm on contest days.                                

Each week the competitors with the lowest scored will be eliminated.   

There will be no toleration for interference or heckling of the judges, judging decisions are final.                                          

The judging criteria are as follows (50 points possible per song, **plus any bonus points):  

~ Vocal/Singing Ability (25 points)   ~ Stage Presence/Charisma (10 points)                                              ~ Appearance (5 points)   ~ Entertainment/Crowd Reaction/Audience Participation (10 points)

**Each audience member/participant and contestant will be given 1 vote and 1 point will be added to each person's score for each vote they receive for that night only.   

Must be 21 or older.

Any contestant missing a night of the competition will be eliminated. 

Each contestant will sing to DJ provided Karaoke music, the contestant picks their songs to sing from the DJ selection.  Here is competition schedule:




Performance Requirements*


Aug 8


Auditions- 4 selected

1 Song Your Choice


Aug 15


Auditions- 4 selected

1 Song Your Choice


Aug 22


Auditions- 4 selected

1 Song Your Choice


Aug 29


Auditions- 4 selected

1 Song Your Choice


Sep 5


Labor Day

No Contest

Week 1

Sep 12


0 eliminated

2 Songs Your Choice

Week 2

Sep 19


1 eliminated

2 Songs Your Choice

Week 3

Sep 26


1 eliminated

Classic Rock & Country

Week 4

Oct 3


1 eliminated

50's & 80's Music

Week 5

Oct 10


2 eliminated

Pop & Alternative Rock

Week 6

Oct 17


1st and 2nd Place Chosen

2 Songs Your Choice